Books for Women’s History Month

Gertrude Is Gertrude Is GertrudeWangari's Trees of PeaceMarch is Women’s History Month. 


Pittsburgh writers are celebrating Pittsburgh women.


Pittsburgher Jonah Winter takes us to a party with poet Gertrude Stein.


And  Jonah Winter’s mom, Jeanette Winter,* takes us to Kenya to meet Wangari Maathai, an activist with a surprising Pittsburgh connection.


Gertrude Is Gertrude Is Gertrude introduces poet Gertrude Stein, who was born in Allegheny City–today’s Pittsburgh’s North Side.  Jonah Winter’s words playfully imitate Gertrude Stein’s own style. His rhymes,. rhythms, and soothing repetitions help us get to know Gertrude Stein by showing us how she wrote.


Wangari’s Trees of Peace is the true story of Wangari Maathai. In 2004, Wangari received the Nobel Peace Prize for her Green Belt Movement, which brought trees and hope to Kenya.


Wangari grows up in Kenya, and goes on to study in America.  Jeanette Winter’s illustration shows Wangai on an ocean liner, a wistful giraffe watching her sail towards a land of skyscrapers.


Wangari faces formidable obstacles in her struggle to save the farms and forests of Kenya, but Jeanette Winter puts it in language and pictures we can easily understand.  An author’s note fills in additional details about Wangari’s life and work.


 Click here to request your copy of Wangari’s Trees of Peace.


Click here to request your copy of Gertrude Is Gertrude Is Gertrude.


*Jeanette Winter might not technically be a Pittsburghter, but we’re happy to claim her!
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