Book Bags

Our borrowing guidelines let you take out FIFTY ITEMS at a time. If you’re going to take advantage of this policy, you’re going to need a book bag. purple tote

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is now selling durable, capacious, and lovely purple book bags.  $1.00 buys you a tote you can use to carry your books home—at the same time you show your library pride.

Sometimes, we have book bags available in the Children’s Dpartment FOR FREE. 

These are the plastic grocery bags people bring in to share.

The bin underneath the self-check-out machine has plastic bags for your books, as available.

The Children’s Department welcomes donations of your clean, whole plastic bags.  Just drop them in the bin, and they’ll soon have new jobs—as book bags.

You probably want to hang on to your paper bags.  They’re so good for crafts. 

And you know that cool way your paper grocery bag can stand up by itself, even when it’s empty? That is the invention of real-life teen inventor Margaret E. Knight.  Find out how she came up with her idea, and how she fought for the right to her patent in Marvelous Mattie by Emily Arnold McCully.


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