Passport to the World to visit Russia on Saturday, December 5 at 2:00 pm

Come participate in a play, The Little Snow Girl, a Russian folktale presented by the University of Pittsburgh Center for Russian and East European Studies.  Dance a folkdance, learn about matryoshka dolls and jump over the library fire!  Our guests will write your name in your passport in Russian!  Bring your passport from previous programs or receive a new one with your photo.  We’ll stamp it each time you visit a different country with us!


Families can register by email (, by phone (412-622-3122) or online (  Registration is requested.


Passport to the World is a program series geared to K-5 students that takes place one Saturday each month at 2:00 PM during the school year.  Working with community partners, the Children’s Department strives to kindle interest in, excitement about and understanding of cultures around the world.  Our programs are authentic and accessible with an emphasis on having fun through folktales, songs, games, art activities and food from the countries we “visit”.


In early November we visited Cuba.  An enthusiastic audience enjoyed the Cuban folktale, “Martina the Beautiful Cockroach”, dramatized with humor and verve by Drs. Kenya Dworkin y Méndez and Shawn Alfonso Wells from Spanish ABC Playtime.

Kenya and Shawn tell the story of Martina the Beautiful Cockroach

The kids accompanied Kenya and Shawn with traditional Cuban percussion instruments as they sang Guantanamera and Barquito de Papel, and later made their own paper “cucarachas hermosas.”

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