Book Review: Gary Paulsen’s Guts

Leo and Patte review Guts by Gary Paulsen.

Leo and Patte review Guts by Gary Paulsen.

Gary Paulsen’s Guts
A review by Mr. Felidae Panthera Leo,  Carnegie Museum of Natural History resident and Patte Kelley, Department Head, Children’s

Mr. Leo prowled over from the Natural History Museum for a read-aloud. He requested Gary Paulsen’s Guts (don’t be alarmed gentle reader, he wanted the book) which he declared to be a roaringly good read. After a brief reminder to use his library voice, he elucidated: “I’m especially heartened by Gary’s portrayal of Bambi as a potential killer. I’ve always been saddened that in nature documentaries the audience’s sympathy always goes out to the hoofed mammal rather than the predator. Mister Paulsen sets things straight. I highly recommend this book for ages 9 and up.”

I would add that fans of Mr. Paulson’s book Hatchet and the other Brian books will gain a special insight into those works as well as a glimpse into Mr. Paulsen’s childhood.

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One Response to Book Review: Gary Paulsen’s Guts

  1. Nana Kant says:

    I confess, I’ve never read Guts but would will put it on hold right away!

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