What’s a Cat Whipper?

If you lived in Colonial times, and if you were a cat whipper*, what was your job? 

If you lived in the early days of the United States, and you wore a hat made of castor**, what was on your head?

If you lived in the time of westward expansion, and your work was cordelling and warping*** what did you do? 


The answers—along with hundreds of magnificent illustrations—can be found in the books of Edwin Tunis. 

These books are amazing treasure troves of historical living. Tunis shows us what the people wore, how they worked, what tools they used, what furniture they had, how they played, what they ate…  and more.  The descriptions are fascinating, the illustrations are minutely detailed. 

Click on the book titles to request your copies of

Colonial Craftsmen

Colonial Living

The Young United States

Frontier Living


*Cat-whipper = shoemaker and repairer

**Castor = beaver fur, felted and shellaced

*** Cordelling and Warping = ways of moving a keelboat upstream

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One Response to What’s a Cat Whipper?

  1. Patte says:

    The Tunis books are wonderful resources and the illustrations are incomparable. When reading historical fiction I often refer to them to see what something looked like or to read a description.

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