Discover a Civilization: Incas

Why not start a little project and learn about something that maybe you’ve heard about but really don’t know much?Does a fun adventure back to Fifteenth Century and the Inca Empire sounds interesting? Perhaps a trip back in time is just what the Villac-Umu (the sorcerer who speaks) ordered. Let’s find out about an interesting and culturally rich civilization in the middle of the Andes Mountains in Peru and take a closer look at this culturally rich and enigmatic civilization.

Our trip can start by reading a little bit about The Incas  in the World Book 2006 ed. vol. 10. In this encyclopedia article you can learn the most basic aspects about the Incas. This is an easy way to find out if you will be interested in moving forward. Are you liking what you see? Hungry for more? Keep on reading. I’ll be posting comments about different materials you can easily find in the Children’s Department at Main.


Some of the greatest Inca’s sites were in Peru. Peru by Marion Morrison is an extensive book about this country in which you can learn about basic facts and it has an Index for easy browsing. But the Inca empire also extended through the Andes in Ecuador: Ecuador by Marion Morrison relates some of the Inca history mixed with the current history of this country, color photographs and Indexes

Let’s go on location. The Incas were located in the Andes Mountains in South America. Have you ever been to the Andes? Maybe you can visit now. South America by Libby Koponen: is a short book filled with facts in which we can learn where the Andes are situated and where the Incas lived. Also  browse through Atlas of South America by Karen Foster. This Atlas has more detailed information about the South American countries and their geographic and cultural characteristics. South America, Surprise! By April Sayre is a cool book with amazing shots of this beautiful place on Earth.


To take a closer look to the amazing civilization of the Incas you can read The Incas by Tim Wood. This book has lots of illustrations, see-through pages and photos that will help you get familiar with the Incas’ customs and history, it also includes an index. Another great book about the Incas is Lost Treasure of the Inca by Peter LourieThis picture book divided in chapters includes a brief description of the Conquistador Pizarro and his role in the decline on the Inca Empire. Before Columbus: The Americas of 1491 by Charles Mann offers a closer look at how America was before European travelers came to the New Continent.

Geography can be fun but I want to know more about the Incas! Let’s move on. Eyewitness Books: Aztec, Inca & Maya you can peek at a lots of simple facts and close shots of artifacts and the way of living of these 3 civilizations.


By now you should know some things about Machu Picchu. A fun story about Machu Picchu is: Up and Down the Andes by Laurie Krebs, this simple story takes you to join the celebration of the Festival of the Sun in the Andes and how their children live in this part of the world. If you want to find out more details about Machu Pichu then check out: Machu Picchu by Deborah Kops , this book follows the Expedition that discovered the city of Machu Picchu centuries after the Inca Empire collapsed.

I also found a sweet folk tale about the Incas. Miro in the Kingdom of the Sun by Jane Kurtz is a traditional Inca folktale that follows a little girl named Miro who can talk to birds, she saves a sick boy by giving him water from a magic lake.

If you would like to take a closer look at the Machu Picchu and other Inca’s sites you can watch: Ancient Inca by Schlessinger Media, this short half hour video follows an anthropologist as she explains some facts about the Incas to a young detective.

I hope you had fun investigating and learning about this exciting group of people. Until next time!

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