Where is Catkin?


Julie Paschkis is one of my favorite illustrators. Her bold, ornamental illustrations manage to look fresh and new while capturing the charm of folk art motifs. Her latest book, Where is Catkin (a collaboration between Paschkis and her sister, author Janet Lord) follows Catkin as he unsuccessful practices his skills as a predator. He stalks cricket, frog, mouse, and bird to no avail. The small creatures elude Catkin, but a keen observer will find them hidden amid the brightly colored shapes that make up the illustrations. A ribbon of decoration, running along the bottom of each page keeps a tally of Catkin’s losses. In pursuit of the bird Catkin finds himself stuck atop a tree. Now Catkin is the one being searched for as Amy, his young owner, follows his trail.

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2 Responses to Where is Catkin?

  1. Rebecca says:

    Where is Katniss?

  2. Patte says:

    Another sort of hunger issue.

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