Fairy Houses and Super Heroes

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If you spy a wee dwelling at the base of a tree or near one along the path to the library today, don’t be surprised. A team of young architects constructed cozy houses Saturday to give fairies a place to rest their wings, cool off and dine in comfort. Sometimes, other creatures – an ant, a butterfly, a chipmunk take refuge. Look closely and with imagination.

Otherwise, you may miss a luscious broadleaf carpet, a set of tiny acorn cups or the separate beds for boy and girl fairies. If you see nothing at all, it may be a fairy was so tickled with his or her residence, he or she has made off with it. But we have these and other photos as proof of an afternoon spent creating magic.

Last Thursday, two boys who came to my Superheroes program thoroughly made my day. They designed costumes, powers, and personalities for their own superheroes. One made an agile flying squirrel/man, named Hybrid, able to fly, leap and control the temperature. Nutsen, his sidekick, is also a flying squirrel.

The other made a lightning man with super strength that could throw bolts of lightning. His sidekick was a cloud. He, too, could control temperature.

This explains why on a trip to Fayette County this Friday, I saw seven bolts of lightning fork against the sky before it rained hard but for a mercifully short time.

About Tina Zubak

I've been a librarian at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for about 12 years, first at the Beechview branch and now at Children's. I've written some books myself, but alas, no publications. Among my favorite books are BFG, Houndsley and Catrina and the Quiet Time, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Nation and Rose Daughter.
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