Highlights of 2011

In keeping with the recently announced best books of 2011, it makes sense to run down some of the departmental highlights of 2011 in pictures and blog posts (and pictures in blog posts).

In January: Dogs got to hear some stories, and we got musical with kazoos.

adult and child kazoo duet

February: Young writers got to meet Super Why and tell their stories, and Kadir Nelson came for Black, White, and Read.

March: We celebrated Carnaval — how do you like the costumes? Also, we got to hear some musical Seuss.

April: Whose shoes are these? We found out during One Book, Every Young Child. And Cornelia Funke came to speak and sign books for BWR.

May: We celebrated El Dia de los Ninos (pardon my lack of accent marks), met an amazing teacher, and heard some Wizard Wrock.

June: We kicked off Summer Reading, made rally flags for Our Library Our Future, and (sort of) met Jonah Winter.

July: During the Siege at Hogwarts, we teamed up to fight some Death Eaters. Also, we did some cool science.

August: We did a variety of summer camp group programs through August, including Acka Backa Boo and Dance Around the World.

Librarian in Bulgarian dress

September: Young artists influenced by Rick Riordan drew really cool pictures.

October: Kids attended Camp Halfblood. Alan Irvine told excellent stories. And Rick Riordan came! Some kids dressed up as gods to celebrate, like Poseidon.

A blue-garbed Poseidon holds up a trident and a gawdzeye.


Alan Irvine tells a story, sitting by the library tree.

Alan Irvine

November: Megan McDonald came for Black, White, and Read. There were so many people wanting their books signed!

December: Lots of things for Fabulous Family Fun Week.

How about some lifesize Candyland?

Doors to lifesize Candyland, decorated with lollipops and candy canes

Or hearing Joe Wos tell a story with cartoons?

Or playing Wii?

Or building towers with Legos?

City skyline made of Legos?

Or giving yourself a poopy name and tossing toilet paper into the Talking Toilet with Captain Underpants?

There are many things I haven’t mentioned, and last doesn’t mean least; it’s hard to choose, and mentioning them all would break the blog. 😉 Share more in comments!

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Children's librarian, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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One Response to Highlights of 2011

  1. Rebecca says:

    I enjoyed looking back on 2011 with the Children’s Department, and I’m looking forward to another great year there!

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