Homeschool Tuesdays: Connecting Books and Art

Art From Her Heart

Clementine Hunter was an amazing woman who told her stories through her paintings.    This folk artist created works of art from memories of  life on the Melrose Plantation, religion, and her community.  She recorded celebrations as well as the painful realities of life for a Black woman in the South. 

The program is part of Artful Stories in the Library.   It is a literature-based series developed by  children’s librarians from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Through the featured book, children are introduced to vocabulary words and engage in discussions arising from open-ended questions. Each book in the series introduces an artist and a style of art. Following the reading of the book and a discussion period, the children extend the story by creating a work of art related to the text.

Homeschool Tuesdays Art

 The children in Homeschool Tuesdays were encouraged to create a a memory board in the folk art style of Clementine Hunter.  One young artist said, “My memory is of planting a garden with my mother.”

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