Grammy nominee Bill Harley

Bill Harley is one of my favorite singer/songwriter/storytellers.


I love the way his songs are intergenerational, making kids and adults laugh for different reasons.  He was recently in the running for a Grammy Award for High Dive and Other Things That Could Have Happened.  I have it on reserve so I haven’t listened to it yet, but I did hear an interview with Bill on The Saturday Light Brigade.  In fact, Larry Berger, the host of this radio program, interviewed all the Best Children’s Album nominees!

book jacket

The Best Candy in Whole World and other stories is another one of Bill’s cds.  It shows off his excellent storytelling skills.  I have 2 favorites on this recording.  The title story makes you realize you should always be nice–you never know when you’ll be rewarded with kindness (and candy).  The other is called “Jack and the Singing Leaves.”  This tale weaves different elements of other stories into one.  I really chuckled when, in the story, Jack was sent to clean the chimney by his older brothers.  Jack says, “this reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it!”

Much to my surprise, I found that Bill is also the author of quite a few books.

If you’re a budding buccaneer, you’ll want to read

book jacket

Dirty Joe the Pirate, A True Story  He and his rogues search the seven seas for, none other than, dirty socks.  Until one day they run across another band of pirates led by the notorious Stinky Annie, pilfering underwear!  Has Dirty Joe met his match?

book jacket

Jack is sure that something was happening after he went to bed.  Is there a party?  Do his brother’s friends come over?  In Nothing Happened, Jack has an adventure that he soon won’t forget.

Visit the library to see more of Bill Harley’s materials.

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