Tuesday Tales: A Celebration of My StoryMaker

Storymaker Storymaker 2

Tuesday afternoon was a time for celebrating the relaunch of My StoryMaker with magical stories, life-sized characters, and ,of course, cupcakes.  My StoryMaker was named “One of the Best Websites for Teaching and Learning” by the American Association of School Librarians, a division of the American Library Association. Children from all over the world in their homes and classrooms connect to Carnegie Library of Library of Pittsburgh to tell their imaginative tales.

Greg Gardiner, from the Idea Foundry, coordinated My StoryMaker’s upgrade and visited the festivities.  He quickly engaged the children from our Homeschool Tuesdays group to tell a story with him using My StoryMaker.  Soon, he and the kids wove a fantastic tale involving a magical book, a dinosaur, and several knights dancing across the pages.  Just as the story was about to conclude, Greg invited them to write their own ending.  Everyone took off to the computers to make their own stories come to life!

My StoryMaker is an exciting part of our mission to engage the community in literacy and learning.  It is also a part of the storytelling legacy of the Children’s Department.  Visit us online or in person and experience the magic of a good story!

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