Tuesday Tales: The Pop-Up Collection

Pop-Up Collection

Recently, I decided to bring a few pop-up books with me on an outreach visit.  There were such marvelous reactions from the children as we shared each page.  Paul Stickland’s Dinosaur Stomp elicited uncontrollable laughter on one side of the circle and the silliness quickly spread.  One boy who loves dinosaurs kept saying, “Wow!” He continued to proudly announce the names of dinosaurs throughout the storytime.

There is no doubt about it; pop-up and movable books are quite magical.  They guarantee surprise and fascination on each turn of the page.

The Children’s Department Pop-Up Collection  represents some of the best contemporary pop-up and movable books by such paper engineers and artists as Robert Sabuda, Matthew Reinhart, and David A. Carter.   It is an important part of the Children’s Historical Collection.

Wizard of Oz    Alice in Wonderland

As different as these books are in style and complexity, all of them have one element in common.  They not only tell their stories, but they also amaze and entertain by drawing us into the format and subject that each artist and writer create.  We can’t help but wonder how they make a three-dimensional world emerge with the turn of a page.  Examining the book from various angles only adds to the mystery and the enjoyment.  This is a part of children’s literature that everyone should have the opportunity to experience.  Share it with us in the Children’s Department.

For more information on this format and its history explore Pop-Up and Movable Books: A Tour through History and The Movable Book Society.

Children's Pop-Up Collection

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