Once Upon a Time

I love it when I find a book that is “new to me” even though the library has owned it for a few years.  This happened a few weeks ago when I came upon the book Mary’s Penny

The story is about a farmer with three children, as seen on the cover.  The farmer decides to have a competition to see who will run the farm when he is gone.  He gives each of his sons a penny and tells them they must buy something that will fill the whole house.

After they each fail, Mary asks where her penny is.  Her father says, “You?  But you’re a girl!  Everyone knows that girls can’t run farms.”  Mary quietly says, “Father, it takes brains, not brawn, to run a farm.  Give me my penny and I’ll show you.”

She succeeds beyond their wildest imaginations (you’ll have to read the book to see just what she did!) and even though this was long, long ago when everyone thought that girls couldn’t run farms, Mary DID!

 And a day or so later, I came across this one–The Magic Kerchief

Most people in the small village avoided Griselda and she did most things alone–the reason, she held her tongue for no one.  Until one evening when an old woman knocks at her door; she’s wearing the most beautifl kerchief that Griselda has ever seen–it looked like a wreath of spring flowers on her head.

Despite her mean nature, Griselda lets the old woman sit by her fire and gives her a place to sleep.  When she leaves the next day, the old woman gives Griselda the kerchief telling her there is magic in it!  What ensues surprises everyone in the village (and even put a smile on my face!)

About Kathy

Senior Librarian, Children's Dept, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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