Silent storytelling: Sod’s Law

Monday, the bane of Garfield‘s existence and the dread of many students and workers alike. It seemed fitting to share a story I clicked on while following a maze of YouTube links: the tale of Albert Sod, a man whose whole life was a Monday. You have to watch the woman telling it (mouthing it, rather)–it’s a perfect deadpan, with just the right quirk of the lips in just the right place. You don’t always need sound to tell a good story. (Don’t worry, it’s captioned. Click the CC button.) That gives me ideas…

If Albert Sod were Australian instead of English, he’d be an excellent counterpoint to Alexander’s wish to live in Australia during his–all together now–Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Alexander might’ve gotten gum in his hair and a hole in his tooth, but at least he kept his eyebrows, you know? But then again, Alexander could sympathize with Albert’s financial straits–he used to be rich last Sunday, but lost everything. Buying wads of gum and renting snakes will do that to you.

Still, I think Albert Sod wins the title. Albert had bad luck named after him: Sod’s Law, which is apparently the English equivalent of Murphy’s Law. Pretty strong evidence, yes?

So, what say you? How’s your luck lately?

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