Is every day dessert day? Books for picky eaters

I missed Dessert Day, but I bet a lot of picky eaters would have gladly celebrated every day. If you have your hands full with a picky eater, try a couple of these; I hope their stomach gets fuller than your hands.

Gregory the Terrible Eater

Gregory the Terrible Eater. But–but–goats eat EVERYTHING, right? Literal junk food, yes? Not this one. He insists on these odd little bits called vegetables, among other things.

eat your peas

Eat Your Peas. One of my favorites. Truce! For anybody who’s felt a twinge of hypocrisy for telling a kid to eat something they can’t stand either.

bread and jam for frances

Bread and Jam for Frances. There might just be too much of a good thing. See also the funny and cautionary Chocolate Touch.

green eggs and ham

And, of course, would you like Green Eggs and Ham?

You might also have some luck with a storytime snack.

“Picky eating” can also actually be a food allergy, which can be challenging. You could try something like The Kid-Friendly Food Allergy Cookbook, which seems to cover a lot of tricky areas, or Give Peas a Chance.

Bon appetit, and happy reading.

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Children's librarian, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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