Mark Klingler Brings Science and Art to Homeschool Tuesdays


Every week Homeschool Tuesdays has something new and fascinating for children to explore.  Last week, Mark Klingler visited the library to share his passion for nature, science, and art.  He is a scientific illustrator at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, and a freelance illustrator who is always willing to share his knowledge and experiences with children.  He and his family also raise Monarch butterflies, then tag and release them as part of the Monarch Watch program.

mklingler2      fossils

Mr. Klingler talked with our group about the process of how he creates an illustration of a prehistoric animal from a piece of its fossil.  He brought original artwork showing each step of the project, fossil casts, and sculptures of the animals that he recreated.  The kids had a chance to see the results of his work that have been published widely in journals and books.  He has a marvelous talent not only in art, but in the unique ability to explain complicated subjects, so that everyone can understand.  Participants were captivated during his presentation, and many stayed after just to speak with Mark.

Mark Klingler is a very good friend of the Children’s Department, and we look forward to his next visit in the spring!

Join us for Homeschool Tuesdays every week at 2:00 PM.  For more information call us at 412.622.3122.

Debbie E. & Debbie P.

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