…rise up this time of year, so it’s only supernatural that we feature them in Danger Club: Creatures of the Night at Main- Children’s. Come this Saturday at 2:30 PM to hear spooky, creepy, knee-knocking stories and poems with scary creatures like vampires, werewolves, zombies and moms who make you wear cutesy costumes. We’ll vote which is

the creepiest,


grossest, most unforgettable or

most likely to make you shiver and shake.

Search for spiders (plastic) and make blood (fake and chocolate-y good).  We’ll also cobble together monsters in a mash-up of tops, middles and bottoms drawn by you!

So if you’re 6 or 8 or 11, don your mummy or ghost costume or bring your own scary self. And if you’re looking for some chills or crazy characters before or after, consider:

Hampire by Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
… who leaves sticky red goop all over the barnyard at night.  The other animals keep away from him. One night duck can’t sleep, goes out in the dark for a snack and falls under the shadow of Hampire!!!!

Bunnicula <by Deborah and James Howe
Harold the dog and Chester the cat are convinced the family’s new bunny is a vampire. Why else would those vegetables turn ghostly white?

Monster Goose>by Judy Sierra
Something twisted has taken over Nursery Tale land and transmogrified its citizens. For instance, there’s Cannibal Horner, Young King Cole the troll and Werewolf Bo-Creep.  Hilarious and very clever.

Attack of the Vampire Weenies by David Lubar
Lubar is a master of short stories that hold nothing back. You may be able to guess one or two endings but even that won’t keep you from riding their roller coaster loopiness. If you crave a bit of fun with your terror, you don’t want to miss any of his weenie wizardry.

Tina Zubak a.k.a. the Friendly Ghost Writer

About Tina Zubak

I've been a librarian at the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh for about 12 years, first at the Beechview branch and now at Children's. I've written some books myself, but alas, no publications. Among my favorite books are BFG, Houndsley and Catrina and the Quiet Time, Ramona Quimby, Age 8, Nation and Rose Daughter.
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