It’s Chocolate Day–prepare for Cabbage Night!

“Do you remember what fun you had stealthily tying two cabbages to Deacon Ellis’ front door knob on cabbage night in 1867 or 1868?”  (quoted from “Tis Fairies’ Night,” The Hawaiian Gazette, November 29, 1895. Retrieved from Chronicling America )

Halloweentime apparently packs more food groups than just chocolate; historically, you could probably make a salad with it. You’ve got your pumpkins and your jack-o’-lanterns, sure, but in the 1800s you also had your cabbage. People feeling devilish nowadays  add eggs, like Tracy and Jill did in Blubber (a book that portrays the cruelty of fifth graders so well that it still creeps me out).

But if a serving of veggies and fruit with your sweet tooth gets you down, don’t let it. You get a head start on dessert: October 28 is Chocolate Day. So read about the best chocolate factory in the universe–Roald Dahl’s whimsical and slightly dark cautionary tale of downtrodden Charlie Bucket, who wins the lottery of a lifetime to tour Wonka’s magic chocolate factory. But the other kids aren’t so sweet—watch them get their just desserts (pun intended). If you visit a sweet-shop, be careful—witches could have concocted your chocolate with a dose of Mouse Maker. 😉

Just watch your teeth  :-))

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Children's librarian, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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