The Art of Storytelling for Educators met on Sunday, December 15.  This group is open to anyone who is interested in telling stories to or for children and families, and meets in the Children’s Dept. on the third Sunday from October to May.  The group shared some holiday stories and then made these “trees” which could be used for the December holidays, Arbor Day, or as a magic trick.

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Here are the directions:

You need four sheets of newspaper.  Lay one sheet down on a flat surface.  Lay the second sheet on the first so that it overlaps half the sheet, edges matching.  Start rolling the first sheet into a tube from the short side.  Roll a fraction of the second sheet as well.  Now lay the third sheet on top of the second sheet so that it overlaps the second sheet.  Roll the tube up until about half of the third sheet is left un-rolled.  Lay the last sheet on top of the exposed third sheet.  Roll all the paper into the tube.

Flatten the top of the tube.  Tear a 6 to 8 inch tear on either side of the tube where you flattened it.  Turn the tube so your tears are on the top/bottom and flatten again.  Make the same tears on the new creases you just made.

Reach inside the tube and gently pull the center up.  Keep pulling up until the tube resembles a tree.

The group will meet in January on the 19th from 3:30-4:30pm.

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Senior Librarian, Children's Dept, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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