Once Upon A Time . . .

. . . Anansi and his wife were getting ready to celebrate Granny’s birthday.  His wife was making a big pot of beans because she knew that’s what Granny would like.  She was missing a particular spice–pepper–(she did, however, have “parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme”) and went to the market to buy some.  While she was gone, Anansi couldn’t resist tasting the beans–he, of course, loves them!

So begins the story of “Anansi’s Hat-Shaking Dance!”  What transpires from here are the typical antics that are in so many Anansi tales!  He wants something, but can’t have it.  The actions are just right for getting kids involved in the story–just give them a shaker egg and let the fun begin!

You can find this story in several places:

world fiestaWorld Fiesta: Celebrations in Story and Song by Dianne de Las Casas and Betsy Braud

best loved folktalesBest-loved Folktales of the World  selected by Joanna Cole

hat shaking danceThe Hat-Shaking Dance: and other tales from the Gold Coast by Harold Courlander

Keep on dancin’!

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