Once Upon A Time . . .

. . . there was a young boy who was forced to get three hairs from the beard of the giant (or in some versions, the devil).  Will he have the courage to do this?

. . . a farmer planted some turnip bulbs and they grew and grew and grew.  When harvest time came, he couldn’t get them out of the ground.  How will he manage?

. . . a woman was weaving when all of a sudden a mosquito appeared on her work.  What will she do?

. . . someone stole Grandmother’s candles.  Who will help solve this mystery?

. . . an old lady wanted to bake some biscuits but had no “sody” or baking soda.  When she sends the little boy to the store to get some, he never returns home.  Will she ever be able to bake the biscuits?

Get the answers to all these questions at “Storytelling Around The World” on Saturday, March 1 at 2:30 pm!

About Kathy

Senior Librarian, Children's Dept, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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