Spend an International Day at the Library

The Globe at the LibraryDo you yearn for far-off lands? Or is Pittsburgh a far-off land for you? Do you miss home? Do you want your kids to learn a new language?

Whatever form of wanderlust you’re suffering from, the Children’s Department has the cure. Join us next Saturday, April 5, for a day of world-wide fun. Our monthly Storytelling Around the World program opens for the third annual Tomodachi Festival.

Start the day off right with Storytelling Around the World at 11:00. Listen as expert storyteller Miss Kathy tells captivating and enchanting stories from around the world. This isn’t your typical story time, with picture books and read-alouds. Miss Kathy is skilled at story telling is an ancient artthe oral tradition of storytelling, a tradition that goes back centuries, and which has been alive at this library for over 100 years! There’s something special about a story that’s told by someone who knows it inside and out, like the back of their hand. Instead of peering at illustrations a page at a time, they come alive in your own imagination, they shine out through the eyes of the story teller.

After you’re warmed up with some magical stories, come back after lunch for the third annual Tomodachi Festival. Miss Kazuyo, our partner from the University of Pittsburgh, leads us in an afternoon of fun every year that’s all about Japanese culture. Tomodachi is a Japanese word meaning “friends.” Celebrate the spirit of friendship with activities, art and treats that showcase Japan, its people and its rich history. You will get the chance to try on a kimono, make kumihomo, create origami watch stories told with the kamishibai theater, and much more! And, as always, there will be cookies!

try on a kimono!

At the Children’s Department, we are always opening new doors, broadening our horizons, and seeing the wide variety of magic and excitement that the world has to offer. So join us! Make a day of it!

About Ruth

I'm a teacher and a traveler.
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