Anansi and other tricksters, part 1

Have you seen our puppet show this month?  The Children’s Department is presenting Anansi and The Moss-covered Rock, a West African folktale.  There’s still many days to see this production, so don’t miss it!  Plus, you’ll get a chance to see it on Sunday, June 8th at our Summer Reading Extravaganza!

Anansi is a trickster playing rather mean tricks on (of all people) his friends.  He’s lazy, almost always hungry, and un-motivated to do even the simplest of tasks, so he finds other ways to get the job done.  Most of his friends fall for the trick, but there’s one friend who watches all of this happen and decides that it’s time for the trick to go the other way.  Laughter, music and dancing are also a part of this show.

There are tricksters in many cultures–in fact so many that they can’t all be mentioned in just one post, so here are just a few.  Another list will come out shortly.  Check these out!

Monkey: a trickster tale from India


The Sticky Doll Trap


Pig-Boy: a trickster tale from Hawai’i


 Sister Tricksters:  rollicking tales of clever females


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