Storytelling Rocks!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, most children’s librarians love to tell stories especially when the audience can join in and participate!

The Children’s Department recently received Tell Along Tales!: Playing with participation stories by Dianne De Las Casas.  Dianne is a seasoned storyteller, author and poet and has even performed at the Three Rivers Storytelling Festival!

This book is perfect for those who may just be thinking about storytelling or for those who have done is for years.  Dianne tells you why storytelling is a vital art form, where to find stories, and tips on how to learn them.  She gives you all the different ways that participation can be used as well as a discussion on audience management.  Then comes the fun part–warm-ups, chants, songs, and finally . . . the stories!  She has included many stories from all over the world.  Her tips as to how she tells them, what participation she does is invaluable . . . and of course you may come up with your own tricks!

There are lots of different ways to tell stories and Dianne has given several ideas.  You can also tell a story through puppetry, so don’t miss Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock at the 14th Annual Summer Reading Extravaganza on Sunday, June 8 from 12-5 PM at the Main Library in Oakland!

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Senior Librarian, Children's Dept, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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