Gardening Thyme at your Library!

Spring is in the air and little bits of green are popping up everywhere!  As we welcome the warmer weather we also look forward to Gardening Thyme at the Library.  Thanks to a grant sponsored by the Mary Jane Berger Memorial Foundation, many of the Carnegie Library locations offer garden spaces and programs for patrons to enjoy.

At the Squirrel Hill branch, the Children’s staff dedicate the month of April to garden-themed programming.  Children in grades K-5 and their families can explore wiggly worms, create a moss terrarium, build a garden fairy house, and much more!

Do you have a green thumb or just like digging in the dirt?  Then consider becoming a garden volunteer!  With your help the Library garden will continue to grow.

Growing a Grass Head Buddy, CLP-Squirrel Hill  April 2015

Growing a Grass Head Buddy at the Squirrel Hill branch, April 2015

Harvesting scallions at the Squirrel Hill branch, August 2014

Harvesting scallions at the Squirrel Hill branch, August 2014

Looking for garden inspiration and information?  Check out these new books!

Garden to Table by Katherine Hengel

How Does My Garden Grow? by Gerda Muller


By Jessica-CLP, Squirrel Hill

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