BAM! POW! READ your way into Kids Summer Reading with these great books!

Heroes and heroines come in a variety of shapes and sizes–from community helpers to Batman, you can find a hero with a story to tell (and a book to share) almost anywhere you look!  This year, Summer Reading is all about the heroes and heroines that inhabit our everyday lives and imaginations.  Check out these heroic books at your Library while you sign-up for Kids Summer Reading.

Supertruck by Stephen Savage

For the youngest Library goers, Stephen Savage’s new book, Supertruck  (Ages 2-6), tells the story of a city garbage truck with a heroic super power all his own.  When the city is hit by a blizzard and buried deep under the snow, Supertruck plows in and saves the day!  With its simplistic text and charismatic illustrations, Supertruck makes for a great read aloud.

Ten Rules of Being a Superhero by Deb Pilutti

In Ten Rules of Being a Superhero (Ages 4-7) by Deb Pilutti, a young boy lists the most important rules of being a superhero when he plays sidekick to his beloved Captain Magma action figure.  Filled with humorous illustrations and insightful advice, this guide is a must-read for any superhero in training.

Not all princesses wear pink all of the time.  Meet Princess Magnolia; part pretty in pink, part Princess in Black!  The Princess in Black  (Ages 5-8) by Shannon & Dean Hale is a story about a not-so-ordinary princess with super powers and super skills.  For example, she can stop nasty monsters in their tracks with ninja moves like the Princess Pounce!  Turning the princess genre on its head, The Princess in Black stars a strong, smart, and adventurous young heroine capable of saving her kingdom.

The Princess in Black by Shannon & Dean Hale

The 2015 Newbery honor award winner, El Deafo (Ages 8-12) by Cece Bell, explores many common themes of growing up, but with a twist.  The graphic novel is based on the author’s own experiences of losing her hearing at a young age, and what its like to live with the Phonic Ear (Cece’s not-so-easy to hide hearing aid).  Cece Bell poignantly describes what is feels like to be “different,” with humor and spunk.  Read El Deafo to find out how Cece uses the Phonic Ear to transform herself into a superhero.

El Deafo by Cece Bell

Every hero has a story–what’s yours?

by Jessica, CLP – Squirrel Hill

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