Be a Hero: Fight the Summer Slide!

Sign up for Summer Reading!In the long, muggy months of summer, a grave danger lies in wait, lurking behind the lull of picnics and swimming pools and fireworks.

Who is this nefarious villain, waiting in the shadows to sap the smarts from the brains of kids?


The Summer Slide is the alias of the dreaded SUMMER LEARNING LOSS, which chips away at children’s hard-earned skills during idle months away from the classroom. Research has steadily shown that students score lower on standardized tests at the start of the new school year than they do on the same tests just before summer vacation begins. To make matters worse, kids from low-income families are more susceptible to the effects of summer learning loss because of lesser access to engaging learning opportunities during the summer months.

How can we fight the threat of this fearsome foe? What’s the best way for kids to resist the effects of the summer slide?

You guessed it: READING. Reading alone. Reading together. Reading anything, anytime, anywhere.

Reading in the summer helps children retain the literacy skills they’ve built during the school year, keeping their minds sharp and strong, ready for the challenges ahead. All parents want their kids to enjoy the carefree summer days of childhood, but it’s all too easy to underestimate the power of the summer slide.

Super Summer Reading heroes fighting the summer slide at the library.

Super Summer Reading heroes fighting the summer slide at the library.

Luckily, the public library is an awesome ally in the battle against summer learning loss. The Summer Reading program encourages readers to log the books they complete in exchange for cool prizes all summer long. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh offers Summer Reading programs for kids, teens, and adults. And as always, the Library is packed with learning opportunities for people of all ages. Check the events page to find activities at a library near you to keep your brain engaged in HEROIC learning.

There’s not a moment to lose…be a hero and sign up for Summer Reading today!

– Maggie, CLP- Carrick

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