What can I read this summer?

Did you know you can read anything you want to for summer reading?!?  You don’t have to read books that follow the theme (Every Hero has a Story), however there are some you’ll want to read just because of the theme!

Take a look at these . . .

hoot owl

Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise

Author Sean Taylor and Illustrator Jean Jullien have paired together to write this hilarious, mischievous, and even ridiculous story about an owl who disguises himself to catch his prey.  Somehow they all get away.  Will he ever get anything to eat?  Beware if you are an animal of the night!



There are lots of important trucks in the city, but the garbage truck?!?  All he does is collect the trash . . . until one evening it snows and snows and snows, and the garbage truck sneaks into a garage and comes out as . . . SUPERTRUCK!  He plows out the entire city.  The next day all the other trucks wonder, who could that truck be?!?

shake to assemble

Shake to Assemble

Avengers fans, this one is for you!  You tap, shake, blow, push, swipe and more to assemble this popular group of superheroes.  When they are finally together, you help clap and cheer their mission . . .  Avengers Assemble!

       timothy    Timothy and the Strong Pajamas

Timothy loves his raggedy, patchy pajamas!  When his mother suggests that he get a new pair, he protests.  The stores only sell NEW ones, not FAVORITE ones.  So his mother fixes them for him–she uses the strongest thread, sturdy patches and adds on six red buttons.  He trots to bed and as he opens his bedroom door, he pulls it right off the hinges!  His mother fixed his pajamas so well that they are now Super Strong Pajamas and he has super strength!  He decides to use his power to help people, so he rescues an elephant, a princess, some sailors, a zookeeper and even a kitten.  But when HE needs help, who can he turn to?  Keep a good eye on your pjs!


Fortunately, the Milk

The kids needed milk for their cereal and since Mum was away at a conference, it was up to Dad to get the milk.  This hilarious adventure is just the kind of thing that might happen to any parent making a run to the grocery store, or at least you might be able to convince your kids like this father did!  The story is expertly told by Newbery Award winner Neil Gaiman and illustrated with cartoon-type drawings by Skottie Young.  You’ll want to read this more than once just to catch all that happens.

Happy reading!

By Kathy, CLP –  Main, Children’s Dept.

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