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Nature Detectives: All about Nests

What happens when you have inquisitive children, one nest cam, several nest specimens, and an old English folk tale?  The answer is one lively program that explores how and why birds build so many different types of nests! The Magpie’s Nest is a folk tale about … Continue reading

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Tuesday Tales: The Storytelling and Folk & Fairy Collection

The Storytelling and Folk& Fairytale Collection in the Children’s Department contains both circulating and historic reference books that beckon children, parents, caregivers, students, and educators.  It is a vast resource for anyone interested in a fascinating story.  Our department has … Continue reading

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Snow moon tonight

Along with flowers, moon phases have names that are both poetic and self-explanatory. Tonight’s full moon is the Snow Moon, so called because it happens in February, a cold month in the northern hemisphere. But it sounds mysterious, as if … Continue reading

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A Scheherazade thing

Sometimes I wish dearly that I had more formal education in linguistics. Storytelling is one of those times. Not only does folklore have history and common elements, but it sparks a desire to engage in folk etymology and/or pseudolinguistics.

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The Tellin’ o’ the Tale

We celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with “the wearin’ o’ the green” and “the tellin’ o’ the tale.”

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The Juniper Tree

The title of this new book for grownups is alarming, but it is also authentic.  It is a line from a sweet, sad, spooky song in the traditional German folktale, “The Juniper Tree.” The book with the alarming title is … Continue reading

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